The World's first & only app created for the gender variant & queer community

 Share your story, meet new lovers & friends, 
voice your opinions, see the latest fashion trends, Get  tips & advice, hear breaking news & have fun! 

GENDR: A Community 

(No Trolling) 

Join the GENDR Community to:

+ Connect with a global community of people that identify on the spectrum 

+ Create your personal profile to share your own story & identity

+ Meet GENDR Community members near you who respect your identity & share your interests

+ Chat, private message & share photos with other members

+ Participate in live events, hangouts & real-time chats

+ Celebrate the people, products & places that connect to the continuum of human sexuality & gender identity

The GENDR Community talks about:  

+ Gender & Sexual Identity

+ Authentic Living, including transition tips, makeup tutorials & gender neutral apparel

+ Breaking News on trending topics like human rights, equal rights & political issues

+ Health Resources, including medical advances & GENDR community-supportive hotlines 

+ Meeting new friends 

+ Nightlife & Clubbing

+ Trends in fashion, food & entertainment

+ Travel Tips for community-friendly destinations

+ more!

Why do you charge a membership? Why isn't the app free?

GENDR is created for the gender variant & queer community by members of the gender variant & queer community. At this time we are not backed by big business or big sponsors. We are a team of 2 covering the expenses to make this app and community available to you. The membership fees assist us in covering operating costs to keep us going. Additionally, we feel the fees will deter bullies from joining. This raises the value of the GENDR experience when we know that everyone is invested in keeping the vibe cool & supportive

What are the membership fees?

Monthly membership: $5

Annual membership: $30

Merchandise & Apparel 


  • USA - Merchandise requires 5-7 business days to be manufactured & 3-5 days to be shipped via USPS. Packages require a total of 8-12 business days to arrive.

  • CANADA - Merchandise requires 5-7 business days to be manufactured & 5-10 days to be shipped via USPS. Packages Require a total of 10-17 business days to arrive.

  • WORLDWIDE  - Merchandise requires 5-7 business days to be manufactured & 10-20 days to be shipped via USPS. Packages require a total of 15-27 business days to arrive.


  • USA - All orders within the U.S. come with a tracking number. This tracking number provides full coverage, from our door to yours.

  • CANADA - All orders shipped come with a tracking number. This tracking number provides tracking for the order until the package reaches the U.S.A. border. Once the package has entered Canada we can no longer track the package.

  • WORLDWIDE - All orders shipped come with a tracking number. This tracking number provides tracking for the order until the package reaches the U.S.A. borders. Once the package has left the U.S.A. we can no longer track the package.


What are my options for logging in and creating an account?

When you join GENDR, you have the option to log in using Facebook, LinkedIn or an email address and password:

If you choose to sign up using Facebook or LinkedIn, this only means that gong forward you can easily log in using the credentials associated with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. None of your personal information beyond your name and photo will be shared into the network or with other members. If you want to use a different photo or update your profile information, you can always so by updating your profile information directly. Your new photo or profile updates will not be shared back to Facebook or LinkedIn. 

If you prefer to sign up using an email address and a new password that you set up yourself, just select the "Email" option when you join. 

This is how the sign up screen looks on the web:

And this is what you'll see if you're signing in on our mobile app:

If you chose to sign in using Facebook or LinkedIn, but later want to disconnect your account from those login credentials, you can set up a new password and sign in via email by:

  1. Use the "Forgot my password" link on the sign in page and send yourself a password reset email with the email address currently associated with your account. The email you receive is valid for only one hour, but you can send yourself as many password reset emails as you need. 

  2. Use the link from the password reset email you receive to set up a new password. 

  3. Going forward, you can then log in with your email address and your new password

How can I reset my password? 

If you need to reset your password, use the "Forgot Password" link on the sign on page. Thermal you receive is valid for one hour, but you can send yourself as many password reset emails as you need. 

In some cases, especially if you have originally signed in using Facebook or LinkedIn or you're using your mobile app, you may not have set up a password when you first joined. 

If you would like to create a password to use when logging in with your email address going forward, unlink your account from Facebook or LinkedIn, you can also use the same password reset form linked from your GENDR's sign in page on the web to create a new password that you can use forward when signing into GENDR

How can I permanently delete my account?

From your settings > account, click the gray link to permanently delete your account

That action will prompt you to open up a new email and send a request. We will take care of deleting your account right away

We hate to see you go, but we appreciate you exploring our community

How can I update my photo or profile information? 

You can change or update your profile information at any time by going to your profile and selecting the option to edit the information you share with other members 

If you're on the web, you can access your profile notification and account settings from the "Your Settings" link on the dropdown menu when you click your member photo in the upper right corner


If you're in the mobile app, just navigate directly to your profile and select the "Edit" link in the upper right hand corner to update your profile settings


When you join, you'll be promoted to share a photo, your name and location and topics you want to follow along with and how you identify, interest or specialty. If your Host has enabled member categories. Additionally we ask for time zone so that we can share event times with you in your time zone

You also have the option to include links out to your Faceook profile, your LinkedIn profile and/or your personal website. These icons will only display on your profile if you've filled out these fields. For the Facebook and LinkedIn fields, only valid links out to these services will be included. We'll be adding more options here soon, including the ability to link out to your Instagram, YouTube and Twitter profiles

How do I adjust what emails or mobile notifications I receive? 

You will automatically start receiving notifications when there is activity relevant to you

By default, you'll get notifications via email or on mobile depending on how you set up your preferences

To update your own notification preferences on the web, just go to your settings from the menu in the upper right corner. If you'r eon the mobile app, go to your profile, select the gear icon and then select notifications 

If you have the mobile app installed, you'll see the option to choose whether you want to be notified about relevant activities via email only, by mobile notifications only, through both methods or neither

Once you've selected the way you want to be notified, you can toggle which types of notifications you want to receive

Here's how it looks on the web: 

And here's how it looks in the mobile app:


In the notification area, you can choose to receive an email or push notifications when:

  1. A member directly messages you

  2. There is a new comment on your post 

  3. There is a cheer on your post 

  4. There is a new comment on a post on which you also commented 

  5. There is a new post from a Host 

  6. A question was asked that you could help answer

  7. Activities occur that are relevant to you

You can update your notification preferences anytime from the mobile app or on the web and they'll be updated everywhere.