Gendr, the world's first & only app created for the gender variant & queer community, is now available worldwide for iOS & Android in the App store & Google Play 

Additionally, there is an online community available to anyone who doesn't have an iOS or Android phone or is adverse to adding apps on their phone. 

Join the GENDR Community to:

+ Connect with a global community of people that identify on the spectrum 

+ Create your personal profile to share your own story & identity

+ Meet GENDR Community members near you who respect your identity & share your interests

+ Chat, private message & share photos with other members

+ Participate in live events, hangouts & real-time chats

+ Celebrate the people, products & places that connect to the continuum of human sexuality & gender identity

The GENDR Community talks about:  


+ Gender & Sexual Identity

+ Authentic Living, including transition tips, makeup tutorials & gender neutral apparel

+ Breaking News on trending topics like human rights, equal rights & political issues

+ Health Resources, including medical advances & GENDR community-supportive hotlines 

+ Meeting new friends 

+ Nightlife & Clubbing

+ Trends in fashion, food & entertainment

+ Travel Tips for community-friendly destinations

+ more!

Learn more at

Memberships are $5 US per month or $30 per year (US dollars) 

In support of our app and community, we have designed and created an affordable and fun apparel line.